PEAR AND MARSALA PIE – italian recipe



Did you know? “During the XVIII century, pears were like walking finger food. They were sold candied on a skewer by pedlars”.


Rectangular pluff pastry

Pears: 3


Sugar: 2 spoons


How to do it:

1)      Wash and peel pears. Cut them in two and cook with some Marsala and sugar.

2)      15 minutes later pears should be golden brown, in a sweet dense sauce. Add cinnamon and leave it to cool.

3)      Cut the pluff pastry in two rectangles. Pu one on the bottom of a plum-cake tin (with greaseproof paper), prick with holes. Add pears with theirs sauce.

4)      Cover with the other pastry sheet. Make little oblique cuts on the surface and bake for 15 minutes, 200° C.

5)      Serve it warm with a liqueur glass of Marsala. Decorate with chocolate topping.

Some tips:

–          If you’re a chocolate lover, add some chocolate slivers to pears.

–          Pluff pastry must always be filled with lukewarm ingredients (creams or fruit), otherwise it won’t be fragrant.


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