Italian recipes

Italian recipes

Italian recipes


Country french loaf with bacon 

Flat bread with zucchini and smoked scamorza

Salmon italian canapes

Pesto quiche

Spicy lentil croquettes


Main course

Basmati rice with tuna & vegetables

bacon and wine spaghetti

Black beans soup

Calamari pasta – italian calamarata

Carbonara with Zucchini 

Dumplings with radicchio and ham 

Home made potatoes gnocchi


Pasta and beans

Pasta with original genovese pesto

Risotto with mushroom

Ricotta and chard vegetarian dumplings

Onion soupe

Orecchiette pasta with zucchini and shrimps

Star-shaped italian ravioli

Traditional canederli

Second course

Chicken breaded cutlet 

Meatloaf with smoked bacon crust 

Loin of pork with meal

Real homemade pizza

Concertina potatoes – stuffed potatoes with bacon


Original american cookies recipe

Apple boundles

Blueberries and ricotta tart

Choco banana Yogurt cup

Coconut ring-shaped cake

Italian traditional chocolate salami

Italian ring-shaped cake

Tiramisù light without eggs 



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