Mushroom Risotto – italian recipe

Mushroom Risotto – italian recipe an  homage to the arrival of autumn. Ingredients for 4 portions Parsley: 1 bouquet garni Onion: ½ Porcini mushrooms: 300g Rice: 5 coffee cups White wine: 1 glass Butter: 25g (I used Venchi cocoa butter) Different types of medium-hard cheese (I used IN.ALPII cheese) Vegetable stock cube: 1 Salt and oilContinue reading “Mushroom Risotto – italian recipe”


Pesto quiche  This recipe is great for a delicious appetizer or a light lunch: it’s the pesto and ricotta quiche! Ingredients Puff pastry Pesto: 100g (better if homemade) Ricotta: 250g Eggs: 3 Cheese: 100g (better a mild cheese like Asiago) Tomato sauce: 1 spoon    Little tomatoes: 5 Salt // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Continue reading “PESTO QUICHE – ITALIAN RECIPE”

PASTA AND BEANS SOUP – italian recipe

This pasta and beans soup recipe is part of my new column about typical Dolomites dishes, precisely from the Cadore zone. A traditional recipe given as a present by my grandmother Marianna. Ingredients for 5 portions   Olive oil Rosemary: 1 twig Bacon (or pork rind): 75-80g Onion: 1 Carrots: 2 Celery: 1 stalk BoiledContinue reading “PASTA AND BEANS SOUP – italian recipe”

REAL HOMEMADE ITALIAN PIZZA recipe – pizza margherita guide

When spring falls and you really feel like spending a Saturday night with your friends or relatives, it’s time for a real homemade italian pizza recipe ! Ingredients for 4 portions (dough) for the real homemade italian pizza recipe  Flour: 500g Water: 250ml Brewer’s yeast: 25g Salt: 15g Oil: as much as will suffice HowContinue reading “REAL HOMEMADE ITALIAN PIZZA recipe – pizza margherita guide”

Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana” – italian recipe

Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana”   Ingredients for 5 cups • 500-600 gr of banana yogurt • 150 gr of dark chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer) • 200 grams of Americans cookies or chocolate chip cookies • Honey How to do it 1. Chop the chocolate clumsily, but attention: do not reduce it into flourContinue reading “Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana” – italian recipe”

Carbonara with zucchini – italian recipe

Carbonara with zucchini  Ingredients for 4 portions of carbonara with zucchini  360gr spaghetti 3 Zucchini 2 eggs 80gr Parmigiano or Pecorino if you prefer 50gr onion Olive oil Salt and pepper How to prepare the carbonara with zucchini  Bring to the boil a large pan of water , when the water boils, add salt withContinue reading “Carbonara with zucchini – italian recipe”