Chicken breadled cutlet- italian recipe

Chicken schnitzel – English version to do a perfect schnitzel with pork or chicken meal.   Ingredients (for 5 people) 5 Chicken Slices 2 eggs 2 Cups of grated bread with spices and a little salt Oil for frying Lemon juice A few leaves of sage How to proceed 1 Beat the eggs inContinue reading “Chicken breadled cutlet- italian recipe”


For you my irresistible calamari pasta italian recipe Ingredients for 4 portions   Calamari: 700g White wine: 1 glass Small tomatoes: 300g Oil Zucchini (medium size): 300g Parsley: 1 bouquet garni Garlic: 2 cloves Hot pepper Sugar Oregano Salt How to do it 1) Wash the tomatoes, cut them into little pieces and put themContinue reading “IRRESISTIBLE CALAMARI PASTA! Italian recipe”


A versatile dish: an appetizer for a dinner in the porch, a snack for a pic nic or for the lunch break. Here the recipe to do my FLAT BREAD WITH ZUCCHINI & SMOKED  FLAT BREAD WITH ZUCCHINI & SMOKED SCAMORZA – Italian Recipe Ingredients 1/3 of the quantities of this pizza dough Tomato sauce: 2Continue reading “FLAT BREAD WITH ZUCCHINI & SMOKED SCAMORZA – Italian Recipe”

coconut ring – shaped cake  – Italian Recipe

coconut ring – shaped cake  Tasty and tender lightness  Ingredients Sugar: 150g Flour: 250g (I used Molino Chiavazza Manitoba flour) Eggs: 4 Vanilla-flavoured baking powder: 16g Coconut flour: 150g Yoghurt: 125g Butter: 200g Salt: 1 pinch   How to do it Separate the eggs. Mix yolks with sugar to make a fluffy cream. Beat eggContinue reading “coconut ring – shaped cake  – Italian Recipe”


MEATLOAF WITH SMOKED BACON This recipe really met my expectations. It’s a practical dish since you can prepare it in advance and heat in when it’s time to eat! MEATLOAF WITH SMOKED BACON Ingredients Mice: 600g Parmesan: 100g Soft cheese: 60g Eggs: 2 Bradcrumbs: 60g Thin smoked bacon: 100g Rosemary: 2 twigs Salt and pepperContinue reading “MEATLOAF WITH SMOKED BACON CRUST italian recipe”

LOIN OF PORK WITH MILK – italian recipe

The LOIN OF PORK WITH MILK – italian recipe it’s a perfect recipe if you’re looking for a light and tasty second course. Meat goes well with this creamy sauce, which makes it very tender. First try and then trust!   Ingredients Loin of pork: 1kg Milk: nearly 1l Sage Rosemary Oil Onion   How toContinue reading “LOIN OF PORK WITH MILK – italian recipe”