TRADITIONAL ITALIAN CANEDERLI GRANDMA MARANNA’S VERSION Ingredents Stale bread: 300g Milk: 2 cups Bologna sausage/ Tyrol smoked ham/ bacon dices: 3-4 handfuls Parsley Egg: 1 Salt and pepper Beef-stock (better if homemade) How to do TRADITIONAL ITALIAN CANEDERLI 1) (Some hours before dinner) Dice finely the stale bread and dunk it with milk. Add theContinue reading “TRADITIONAL ITALIAN CANEDERLI”


ITALIAN BLUEBERRIES AND RICOTTA TART It’s time for blueberries picking! Jam: done. Grappa: done. Blueberries with sugar: done. Blueberry cake: why not? ITALIAN BLUEBERRIES AND RICOTTA TART   Ingredients (short pastry) Egg: 1 Flour: 300g Sugar: 130g Butter: 125g Baking powder: 8g Salt: 1 pinch Ingredients (filling) Ricotta: 250g Crumbled almonds: 40g Blueberries: 50g Sugar:Continue reading “ITALIAN BLUEBERRIES AND RICOTTA TART – recipe”


PANETTONE MINI CAKES WITH ZABAGLIONE – how to recycle panettone Green cooking: how to recycle leftovers from Christmas holidays. Ingredients for 6 portions Panettone (without candied fruit): 750g Mascarpone:200g Sugar: 120g Egg yolks: 4 Marsala How to do it to recycle panettone For the zabaglione: beat egg yolks with sugar and add 7 spoons of Marsala.Continue reading “PANETTONE MINI CAKES WITH ZABAGLIONE – how to recycle panettone”

Italian spaghetti with bacon

Italian spaghetti with bacon “I wonder what the vintners buy one half so precious as the stuff they sell.” Omar Khayyam, Persian poet, 1st century. After Christmas holidays the fridge is always crammed with wine bottles. How can we use it? Let’s try this creative recipe! Italian spaghetti with bacon Ingredients for 6 portions ThinContinue reading “Italian spaghetti with bacon”

ITALIAN BAVETTE WITH RICH PESTO, ONLY FOR LOVERS! – pasta with real pesto genovese

BAVETTE WITH RICH PESTO, ONLY FOR LOVERS! – pasta with real pesto genovese Ingredients for 4 portions of pasta with real pesto genovese French beans: 200g Extra-virgin olive oil: 2 spoons Bavette pasta: 350g Potatoes: 2-3 Pine nuts: 20-30g Pesto: 4 portions How to do italian pasta with real pesto genovese Wash the French beans and boilContinue reading “ITALIAN BAVETTE WITH RICH PESTO, ONLY FOR LOVERS! – pasta with real pesto genovese”

italian Stuffed potatoes- CONCERTINA POTATOES

italian Stuffed potatoes- CONCERTINA POTATOES – GREAT FOOD MUSIC Ingredients Potatoes (medium-big size): 1 each Bacon Mild cheese Parmesan Oil and salt Rosemary How to do italian Stuffed potatoes Boil the potatoes in plenty salted water (you don’t need to peel them if they’re well washed). Strain and cut them like in the picture. FillContinue reading “italian Stuffed potatoes- CONCERTINA POTATOES”