Italian tiramisù without eggs light

tiramisù without eggs IRRESISTIBLE LIGHT RECIPE MUG-TIRAMISU’: LIGHT, WITHOUT EGGS Nearly 220kcal for 1 portion   Ingredients for 4 mugs Vanilla/coffee yoghurt: 250g Cheese spread: 60g Marsala wine: as much as will suffice Biscuits: 3 for each mug Sugar: 2 spoons How to do it Blend the cheese spread with yoghurt, sugar and a liqueurContinue reading “Italian tiramisù without eggs light”

LOIN OF PORK WITH MILK – italian recipe

The LOIN OF PORK WITH MILK – italian recipe it’s a perfect recipe if you’re looking for a light and tasty second course. Meat goes well with this creamy sauce, which makes it very tender. First try and then trust!   Ingredients Loin of pork: 1kg Milk: nearly 1l Sage Rosemary Oil Onion   How toContinue reading “LOIN OF PORK WITH MILK – italian recipe”

PASTA AND BEANS SOUP – italian recipe

This pasta and beans soup recipe is part of my new column about typical Dolomites dishes, precisely from the Cadore zone. A traditional recipe given as a present by my grandmother Marianna. Ingredients for 5 portions   Olive oil Rosemary: 1 twig Bacon (or pork rind): 75-80g Onion: 1 Carrots: 2 Celery: 1 stalk BoiledContinue reading “PASTA AND BEANS SOUP – italian recipe”

Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana” – italian recipe

Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana”   Ingredients for 5 cups • 500-600 gr of banana yogurt • 150 gr of dark chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer) • 200 grams of Americans cookies or chocolate chip cookies • Honey How to do it 1. Chop the chocolate clumsily, but attention: do not reduce it into flourContinue reading “Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana” – italian recipe”

Carbonara with zucchini – italian recipe

Carbonara with zucchini  Ingredients for 4 portions of carbonara with zucchini  360gr spaghetti 3 Zucchini 2 eggs 80gr Parmigiano or Pecorino if you prefer 50gr onion Olive oil Salt and pepper How to prepare the carbonara with zucchini  Bring to the boil a large pan of water , when the water boils, add salt withContinue reading “Carbonara with zucchini – italian recipe”

Basmati rice with vegetables and tuna – 330 kcal for portion – italian recipe

Ingredients for 4 portions  250 gr basmati rice (if you want you can mix it with a bit of black basmati rice) 3 zucchini (medium size) 1 onion 4 big carrots 160 gr cannede Tuna Soya sauce Olio EVO Salt and paprika. How to do it 1  In a medium saucepan, bring water to aContinue reading “Basmati rice with vegetables and tuna – 330 kcal for portion – italian recipe”