TRADITIONAL ITALIAN CHOCOLATE SALAMI This is the second post dedicated to Christmas: an idea for a speedy take-away dessert. Ingredients for ITALIAN CHOCOLATE SALAMI Bitter cocoa: 80g Biscuits: 100g Butter:100g Sugar:100g Pulverized almonds: 100g Crumbled almonds: 20g Peeled almonds: 50g Egg yolks: 2 Rum: 1 liqueur glass How to do it 1) Cut the butter intoContinue reading “TRADITIONAL ITALIAN CHOCOLATE SALAMI”


Italian tiramisù without eggs light

tiramisù without eggs IRRESISTIBLE LIGHT RECIPE MUG-TIRAMISU’: LIGHT, WITHOUT EGGS Nearly 220kcal for 1 portion   Ingredients for 4 mugs Vanilla/coffee yoghurt: 250g Cheese spread: 60g Marsala wine: as much as will suffice Biscuits: 3 for each mug Sugar: 2 spoons How to do it Blend the cheese spread with yoghurt, sugar and a liqueurContinue reading “Italian tiramisù without eggs light”

coconut ring – shaped cake  – Italian Recipe

coconut ring – shaped cake  Tasty and tender lightness  Ingredients Sugar: 150g Flour: 250g (I used Molino Chiavazza Manitoba flour) Eggs: 4 Vanilla-flavoured baking powder: 16g Coconut flour: 150g Yoghurt: 125g Butter: 200g Salt: 1 pinch   How to do it Separate the eggs. Mix yolks with sugar to make a fluffy cream. Beat eggContinue reading “coconut ring – shaped cake  – Italian Recipe”

Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana” – italian recipe

Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana”   Ingredients for 5 cups • 500-600 gr of banana yogurt • 150 gr of dark chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer) • 200 grams of Americans cookies or chocolate chip cookies • Honey How to do it 1. Chop the chocolate clumsily, but attention: do not reduce it into flourContinue reading “Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana” – italian recipe”