Italian spaghetti with bacon

Italian spaghetti with bacon
Italian spaghetti with bacon
“I wonder what the vintners buy one half so precious as the stuff they sell.” Omar Khayyam, Persian poet, 1st century.
After Christmas holidays the fridge is always crammed with wine bottles. How can we use it? Let’s try this creative recipe!

Italian spaghetti with bacon

Italian spaghetti with bacon

Ingredients for 6 portions

Thin spaghetti: 500g
Smoked bacon: 3 slices
Red wine: 2 glasses
Oil: 5 spoons
Onion: 1
Pecorino cheese

How to do it

1) Brown the chopped onion with bacon dices and some oil.
2) Some minutes later add 1 glass of wine and low the flame.
3) Boil the spaghetti, put them in the same pan and add some boiling water and the second glass of wine. Put the lid and cook for some more minutes.
4) Arrange it on a plate with plenty of grated pecorino.

Some tips

– You can avoid using oil when frying the bacon dices.
– Use some chive to decorate your plate.
– I used Cabernet wine, perfect with bacon. You can replace it with other dry red wines (you can water them down if too strong).

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