Italian tiramisù without eggs light

Tiramisù light senza uova

tiramisù without eggs



Nearly 220kcal for 1 portion


Ingredients for 4 mugs

Vanilla/coffee yoghurt: 250g

Cheese spread: 60g

Marsala wine: as much as will suffice

Biscuits: 3 for each mug

Sugar: 2 spoons

How to do it

Blend the cheese spread with yoghurt, sugar and a liqueur glass of Marsala. Let in stand in the frdge. Dunk the biscuits in lukewarm coffee to make the first layer.


Fill the mug with some cream. Scatter some dark cocoa.

Make 3 layers and end with cream. You can decore with dark cocoa and almond slivers. Let it stand in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving.

tiramisu without eggs

Some tips

You can create different mugs by using different types of biscuits or yoghurt tastes. Try also with steeped strawberries!

If you want to lower calories, create single-doses in little coffee-cups.


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