Chicken breadled cutlet- italian recipe

schnitzel with pork or chicken meal

Chicken schnitzel – English version to do a perfect schnitzel with pork or chicken meal.


Ingredients (for 5 people)

cotolette alla milanese ricetta

5 Chicken Slices
2 eggs
2 Cups of grated bread with spices and a little salt
Oil for frying
Lemon juice
A few leaves of sage

How to proceed


Beat the eggs in a large bowl and put the steaks for an hour in order to soften them and make the crust more crisp.


Now switch the steaks in bread crumbs and make it adhere well to the whole suparfice and Repeat once more, and lay them on a large platter.


    In a large pan put the oil and and when it’s hot put in the schnitzel with a few leaves of sage. Cook on both sides for a few minutes until the surface is golden


    Arrange the schnitzel on paper towels to remove excess oil and serve hot with plenty of lemon juice .

Some tips

    To be faster in the preparation i suggest to prepare the bread crumbs with spices and salt, keep it in a closed box and voila , the steaks are ready in a jiffy !

    If you prefer the Viennese version ( Damn!) You can press the meat with a meat mallet and you’ll have the Viennese verision!

    You do not like chicken or  you have pork steaks in the fridge ? You can prepare the Economic Schnitzel version ( think about it, my brother prefers this version !)

Here you a perfect way to do a schnitzel with pork or chicken meal


..Buon appetito!


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