coconut ring – shaped cake  – Italian Recipe

coconut ring - shaped cake 

coconut ring – shaped cake 

Tasty and tender lightness 


Sugar: 150g

Flour: 250g (I used Molino Chiavazza Manitoba flour)

Eggs: 4

Vanilla-flavoured baking powder: 16g

Coconut flour: 150g

Yoghurt: 125g

Butter: 200g

Salt: 1 pinch


How to do it

Separate the eggs. Mix yolks with sugar to make a fluffy cream. Beat egg whites until stiff, adding a pinch of salt.

Add all the ingredients (at last flour and baking powder) to the first mixture. Finally, blend it gently with whites.

Bake for 30 minutes, 180°C.

Serve the coconut ring – shaped cake lukewarm with a cup of tea.


Some tips

For a perfect rising, wait some minutes before putting the cake in the oven. You can add some chocolate slivers to make your children even happier. 

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