PASTA AND BEANS SOUP – italian recipe

pasta e fagioli tradizionale

This pasta and beans soup recipe is part of my new column about typical Dolomites dishes, precisely from the Cadore zone. A traditional recipe given as a

present by my grandmother Marianna.

Ingredients for 5 portions


Olive oil
Rosemary: 1 twig
Bacon (or pork rind): 75-80g
Onion: 1
Carrots: 2
Celery: 1 stalk
Boiled beans: 300g (I used Italian beans from Lamon)
Water: as much as will suffice
Pappardelle: 200g
Salt and pepper

How to do it

Warm the oil up with the rosemary in a large frying pan.
Add bacon (cut in little cubes or strips) and cook until all fat is melted. Remove the rosemary.
Wash and dice all vegetables, add to the bacon and cook till they’re tender.
At last add Lamon beans.
Put salt on it and cover with water. If you’re in a hurry, pressure-cook for 15 minutes after the buzz. Otherwise, allow it to simmer for a good 2 hours (in this case you must salt halfway through the cooking).
Purée nearly half the soup, make it boil and put the cut up pappardelle in it until they’re ready.
Serve hot with a handful of parmesan and some chive – if you like it.


Some tips

There’s also a summer version for this dish: you just have to serve it cool.
Someone use to add some potatoes in little cubes: in my opinion, this might make the soup too rich.
To make it denser, you can add 50 more g of beans and use egg pasta.


Here you my Pasta and beans soup, Buon appetito!

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