REAL HOMEMADE ITALIAN PIZZA recipe – pizza margherita guide

real homemade italian pizza recipe

When spring falls and you really feel like spending a Saturday night with your friends or relatives, it’s time for a real homemade italian pizza recipe !

Ingredients for 4 portions (dough) for the real homemade italian pizza recipe 

Flour: 500g

Water: 250ml

Brewer’s yeast: 25g

Salt: 15g

Oil: as much as will suffice

How to do it

  1. Pour the flour in a quite big bowl; add the brewer’s yeast (that you have previously dissolved in a bit of lukewarm water and a pinch of sugar). Start blending and add salt, oil and water – a little at a time – . If the dough seems too sticky, add a bit more flour; instead, if it’s dry, you need some more water. Knead a long time ( this is the most important step because the dough will rise better if it’s well elastic).

  2. Make a ball, cut a cross into it and put it in a bowl covered with a wet dish towel.

  3. Let it rise at least  hours, but with more time it will become even softer.

  4. Now roll the dough out. You can divide it into 4 or 2 parts, depending on the thickness you want.

  5. For the classic Margherita cover the dough with tomato sauce, oil, salt, oregano and mozzarella (bufala mozzarella is the top).

  6. Bake it for 13-15 minutes, 220° C. Now you can serve your real homemade italian pizza  

Some tips

  • Pay attention to the comments I wrote before about the rising process.

  • I advise you not to use too rich stuffing if it’s summer. I usually choose tomato slices with parmesan slivers or vegetables. My favourite one: smoked ricotta and radicchio.

Buon appetito!

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