Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana” – italian recipe

dessert banana e cioccolato

Yogurt cups “Choco-Banana”


Ingredients for 5 cups

• 500-600 gr of banana yogurt

• 150 gr of dark chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer)

• 200 grams of Americans cookies or chocolate chip cookies

• Honey

How to do it

1. Chop the chocolate clumsily, but attention: do not reduce it into flour otherwise in yogurt the chocolate could melts!

2. Do the same thing with cookies, but leaving them a little thicker than chocolate, should be as crisp dessert;

3. Take a glass or a  large cups (I like the idea of ​​the glasses because they gives a glimpse of stratification of the cup and makes it super attractive). Start with the chocolate and cover with pieces of biscuit;

4. A wire add in half a teaspoon of honey, pouring it in a circular motion so that it is evenly distributed on the surface;

5. Cover with half of the banana yogurt for each cup;

6. Now repeat the same way as the stratification of the “crisp”, a drizzle of honey and close with the remaining yogurt.

Now you can just decorate the cups with a final dusting of chocolate and cookies (use the spare a bit ‘

larger) and a final drizzle of honey to make brilliant your dessert.

Some tips

With my cups i wanted to imitate, with lightness, the taste of the “banana split” … but in chic and  lightweight way. The funniest thing about this dessert  is that you can create many different combinations: the cup “of the forest” composed using yogurt with berries, dried red fruit (or fresh in season) and biscuits with red berries for the crunchy until the cup choco-nutty with chocolate, chopped hazelnuts, hazelnut yoghurt, biscuits with cocoa and nutella wire; and also the walnuts and honey cup with nuts, yogurt with cereal, wholemeal biscuits and honey.


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